What is Green Jazz?

a) Green Jazz is jazz inspired by nature.

b) Green Jazz is a mix of grooving music and poetry with environmental justice themes.

c) Green Jazz is a chance for musicians and music lovers to share their greenest, jazziest selves.

d) Green Jazz is Tangria's latest, most ambitious multimedia show.

e) All of the above.


For Tangria, the answer is e) All of the above.


Green Jazz Origins and Aims

Sheryl Mebane (Tangria's drummer/composer) has been working for years on environmental and green chemistry education and on environmental research. She wrote a jazz tune inspired by nature in 2007 while recording Tangria's third CD and has written educational songs. The 3-part jazz/spoken word piece she wrote in 2010 especially for the Green Jazz Program builds on the world jazz rhythms from Tangria's third CD, and grooves on the wisdom of environmental justice activists.

During and after the national 2008 Tangria tour, multimedia shows from Tangria gave the combo more chances to overlap language and sound to explore ideas such as love, social justice, and freedom. Green Jazz updates the traditional links between jazz and social movements, puts a jazzy twist on green matters, brings together the various passions of Tangria's drummer/composer, joins the green efforts of other musicans, and gives listeners a chance to participate in a joyful, swinging expression of life.

Tangria hopes that Green Jazz events and experiences will inspire and delight musically, environmentally, and soulfully. Tangria would also love to hear and to share suggestions, inspirations, art, and musings about our Green Jazz.


Upcoming Green Jazz shows

Check Tangria's shows page for event details, the radio and media pages for Green Jazz interviews and coverage, and use the contact page to bring Tangria's Green Jazz or other programs to your special events.